Nethack and NHserver by Bilbo

6. 6.2000 NHserver 0.75 is out.
16. 5.2000 Nethack 0.66 is out.
28. 3.2000 Nethack 0.61 is out.
25.10.1999 Nethack 0.54 is out.
22.10.1999 Nethack 0.53 is out.
Nethack is freeware automatic downloader. Nethack is not designed as a tool to hack (yes, I know I have chosen a stupid name).
NHserver is freeware web server. It is very small and uses minimum amount of memory, but it is fast. One of the smallest servers in the world. Work under Win32 (this means Win9X/NT/2K)
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Nethack Features

NHserver Features

Future plans for Nethack


NHserver 0.75 (13.5 Kb)
Nethack 0.66 English Version (55 Kb)
Nethack 0.66 Czech Version (55 Kb)
Nethack 0.61 English Version (55 Kb)
Nethack 0.54 English Version (46 Kb)
Nethack 0.53 English Version (45 Kb)

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